7 Types of Shoes EVERY Fashonista Should Own 

     Hey guys! Once the new year begins and I have time before school starts again, I use that time to clean out areas that I usually wouldn’t have the time or energy to organize. For some people this may mean their closet. Since I share my closet with my twin sister, we have an enormous amount of shoes. The ones I notice that I most often wear are the ones I’m calling the “shoe essentials.” These are the must have shoes for every stylish person, that are not only super useful, but come in clutch for all occasions and weather types. 

Here’s my list of must have shoes: 

  1. Neutral Heel: I know I have talked about neutral heels a bunch but I seriously can’t tell you how helpful it is! They go with any outfit and look classy at almost every occasion. Buying this in a kitten heel will ensure that you will never be over or under dressed for an event. 
  2. Leather Boots: Anyone that knows me, knows I love my boots! Especially since there isn’t any snow where I live, leather boots act as my winter boots. Plus they are extremely stylish in the fall. Just be careful in the rain as sometimes the water can damage the leather! In that case, cheap brown boots are usually water resistant. 
  3. Colorful Rain Boots: I can’t tell you how much I love my Hunter boots. With the Hunter boots you can buy all different types of socks so they never get boring and they act as my rain and snow boots. If you don’t want to spend that much money, Target is the place to go for colorful boots. No matter where they are from, they definitely make rainy days fun! 
  4. Strappy Sandals: I think the best way to describe these is that they are a basic summer essential. They can be dressed up or dressed down and also come in so many styles! Not only do they say, hey I read fashion magazines, but can also be worn time and time again. 
  5. Classic Flats: You can never go wrong with a ballet flat. They look super cute with jeans, dresses, or skirts and can be worn in all seasons (except for maybe snow) and look stylish with tights. The pairs down below demonstrate more of a winter and summer flat, showing how versatile they come because they are a timeless staple. 
  6. Casual Tennis Shoes:  For me this is a necessity because my school does not allow us to wear open toed shoes. Some of my favorites are Adidas, Vans, Tretorns, and of course Sperry. If you get creative with it, some of them even come with prints and sparkles for a dressier look. 
  7. Summer Wedge: Every girl needs a wedge because they can be dressed up or dressed down. They are great for casual barbaques or summer weddings and won’t be going out of style for a while. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this list! For the information on where I bought all of my shoes scroll down below. Much love to all of you! 

~Olivia Marie🌸


  1. Isaac Mizrahi 
  2. Nordstroms 
  3. Hunter 
  4. ASOS 
  5. Tory Burch 
  6. Vans, Adidas, unknown, Tory Burch, Steve Madden 
  7. J.Crew 

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