How To Stack Jewelry

Hey guys! I’ve been noticing a lot of jewelry pictures on Pinterest lately, and thought it was a perfect opportunity to do another post dedicated to jewelry. A lot of times my friends will tell me that my set of bracelets look really good together. It got me thinking what the best tips and strategies helped in deciding how jewelry should be stacked and layered so that it didn’t look clustered and knotted, and so that it still showcases each individual piece.


  • Mix silver and gold. The silver next to the gold create a nice contrast that brightens each bracelet or necklace.
  • Specifically for necklaces, I think the best piece of advice would be to stack statement pieces with larger necklaces, and smaller necklaces with small necklaces. Stacking a small necklace with a large necklace will only make the small get tangled and lost.
  • Throw in a watch. It’s not only practical but also mixes up the tones of the bracelet stack.
  • Create different sizes. Unless they are bangles, stacking the same bracelet in different colors doesn’t really create shape difference or compliment each other nicely.

I know this post was on the shorter version but I hope it was helpful and fun to read!!

~Olivia Marie

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