Unique Hairstyles to Spice up Fall

Fall is in full swing almost everywhere, with the exception of California. With a few cold days here and there, California weather is still set to summer. Regardless, we are still shopping for fall essentials and prepping for winter, while enjoying our last couple of sunny days. With clothes the main focus of wardrobe and style necessities for fall, I realized that rarely do people ever talk about the change in hairstyles based on the season. We all change up our hair depending on the weather and season, so today I have brought you some great new looks to spice up your fall wardrobe. These are perfect for just everyday or even Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is usually classified into the “holiday season,” which I love, but I find that there is a big difference in Thanksgiving and Christmas style. So for the next couple of posts, I will be focusing on and highlighting the unique style that shines through during the season of giving thanks. Not to mention we have to squeeze in our last couple of weeks of fall colors before shifting over to darker hues. Scroll down for inspiration picks and hairstyle tips!

Fall Hair Trends and Tips:

  • Bandanas!: Bandanas were everywhere over the summer, but just because its fall, doesn’t mean you have to put them away! I loved wearing bandanas to hold my hair back in the summer heat, but by buying bandanas and scarfs with warmer tones and fall patterns, they can be easily wrapped around a bun, ponytail, or used as a headband through fall.
  • Braids: Braids are nothing new and I’m not one to do really complicated looking braids on a daily basis or even when I’m not attending a nice event. I like simple and effortless hairstyles that have a little something unique to them. So when I saw the photos of just simple differences in the way people pulled their hair back into a braid, I knew I had to try it. Another tip is to get inspired from the 70’s and do two small braids on each side.
  • Flips: I always have loved flipping my hair into a quick little bun, but I never realized that simply parting my hair in the middle and smoothing the sides down, I could transform the hairstyle into something that looked more formal.


I hope you guys enjoyed that post and that it inspired you to get creative with your hair for fall!

~Olivia Marie

Looking for Summer Inspiration?: Accessories for your summer wardrobe 

     With finals over and school ending, everyone who is a student is looking forward to hitting that snooze button once and for all, and avoiding that ridiculously annoying dress code. But do your summer outfits feel tired and repeated? I know the feeling! The same old shorts and flip flops can only be excited so many times. Well not only will I be bringing you all sorts of fun outfits this summer, but I will also be giving you some trendy tips right now! 

  • One thing that never dies in the summer is a straw bag. Kate spade has a ton of these and they can be customized in so many ways. So versatile yet super eye catching with a tassel off the handle. Steal: Target, Splurge: Kate Spade 
  • Jewlery can totally give your outfit some extra color and fun! Fun stud warring are also casual and can come in many colors! Steal: Target or Francesca’s, Splurge: Tory Burch 
  • Another way to change up your style for summer is to try a new style of sunglasses! Colorful ones can also complete an outfit. Steal: Target Splurge: Raybans
  • If your looking for something a little more permanent go for a hair cut! I’m loving my short hair and it’s perfect for summer! 
  • Lastly, if your looking for even more ways to change up your summer look, try a new makeup look. I was so convinced that for summer I had to do a light lip color, but then I tried this lipstick and lipgloss from Dior and Bobby Brown. It was super natural and really complemented my outfit! Steal: any lipstick from Target or Walgreens, Splurge: Chanel or Bobby Brown 

Hop you guys enjoyed those ways to change up your maybe tired summer looks! 

~Olivia Marie 

Beach Bag Essentials 

     Hey everyone! Hope you’re still enjoying your winter break and getting ready for New Years! Today was our last day in Palm Springs as we head to San Diego tomorrow, just for two days. We spent our last day here, relaxing my the pool and enjoying the sun. I thought I would share a list of my beach bag essentials down below for the pool or the ocean! 

1. Chapstick

2. Hand sanitizer 

3. Sunglasses 

4. My phone 

5. A sun hat or baseball hat 

6. A book 

7. Towel 

8. SNACKS!!! (Granola bars, fruit, or chips) 

9. Oil blotting sheets 

10. Flip flops 

11. Tunic or cover up 

12. Extra hair ties 

13. Earbuds (just in case I want to listen to music) 


Holiday Hairstyles

     As finals have just finished, we can all take a deep breath and finally start enjoying the holidays! I don’t know about you guys, but I haven’t had a free moment in the past couple of weeks to even think about the holidays. So now that the finals week (hell week) is over, I’m making it my personal mission to enjoy every moment of Christmas and New Years. I’ve decided to start off our holiday countdown with some super easy hairstyles that are great for any holiday party. 

The first is just a simple lace braid with the ends of my hair curled, topped off with a plaid bow. A lace braid is just a French braid, but you only take hair from one side. The next is just a plain French braid down the back but I purposefully did it so that it was loose, giving off a beachy feel. Lastly, I did a ditch French braid pulled back into a bun. PS this ones my favorite! A ditch braid is just a regular French braid but you pull the sections under each other, instead of over. The trick to getting such a full braid is to pull the sections away from each other (also known as pancaking), once you’re done. Hope you guys enjoyed these hairstyles and stay tuned for more! 

~Olivia Marie