Closet Organization: EASY Tips & Tricks 

Hey guys! Today I have a few ideas to help keep your closet clean and practical. I know that I am definitely guilty of wanting one of those perfectly organized closets on Pinterest where the shoes are color coordinated and the purses are all lined up, but that’s just not realistic. For me it is especially unrealistic because my closet is small to begin with plus I have to share it with my twin sister, making it even smaller. Luckily, we use part of my brother’s closet for overflow since he is able to keep most of his things in a dresser. Despite our limited closet space and excessive shopping habits, I’ve always been someone who loves to organize, so my sister and I found a way to make it work. Just remember that when it comes to spaces that guests won’t see, it doesn’t need to be pretty, just practical. Here’s I how I organize my closet: 

Shoes: Over the door shoe organizers work super well and create space for shoes that wasn’t original to the closet. You can find these almost anywhere! (Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, The Container Store, etc.) 

Tops: Of course you can organize them by color, type, store, and I’ve tried them all. For me the easiest thing to do is to just keep all of our tops at eye level since the top is usually what you pick first in an outfit. 

Sweaters: Heavier outerwear usually goes in a different closet, so we are able to keep normal sweaters stay in sight. We also try to use gentle hangers for cashmere sweaters to keep them from stretching. 

Skirts: Since my sister and I don’t have very many skirts, they don’t take up that much space. But those skirt hangers can be a nightmare and continue to get tangled time and time again. One hanger we bought from The Container Store has really worked well for us and is able to stack four skirts vertically, without taking up a ton of space horizontally. 

Scarfs: We have an abundance of scarfs, so when my grandpa gave us these scarf hangers for Christmas, I didn’t really realize how helpful they actually could be. Not only did it remove a big bulky bin of scarfs, but the hanger made it easier to put scarves away and display all of our scarves when we are trying to pick an outfit. It was so great that we went to The Container Store and bought two more! 

Fancy Shoes: We didn’t want our heels to go in the shoe holder at the risk of them getting damaged, so we displayed them on the top shelf, on top of colorful shoe boxes. The shoe boxes not only elivate your heels so that you can see them, but they also store extra heels inside of them and add color! 

Command Strips: To add even extra space, we bought Command Strips from Target to hang bags and hats we didn’t want to go into bins. This could also be used for bows and belts, as we did with all of our bows from when we were younger. 

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing how I organize my limited space closet while having to share. Not going to lie, if I had my own closet it would probably look a little more organized since I would have more space but for now this works just fine! Until next time! 

~Olivia Marieđź’›

Desk Decor Tips 

Hi guys! As I was sitting at my desk last night I started stressing about my upcoming Geometry test, Computer Science test, and biology test! It was then that I realized how much time I spend sitting at my desk. This is such an important factor in a students everyday life because it’s the place that we are expected to do our best work. So why not put a little effort into making it aesthetically appealing? Here are a few tips I have for decorating a desk: 

1. Leave lots of room for your computer or papers, you will need more space than you think. 

2. Get a picture frame that matches your theme and put a picture in it that makes you happy. My frame is from Florence and holds a picture of my best friend, twin sister, and I.

3) fun pencils! They make note taking so much easier! 

4) go to Michaels! They have great decor for super cheap. I got my orange box from Michaels and picked out the letter H because it reminded me of Hermes.

5) I prefer a lamp that isn’t your average desk light. This one also doesn’t take up too much space. 

6) use old teapots or vases as pencil holders.

7) lastly, every desk needs a candle to of course relieve stress.  

~Olivia Marie