Your Mockup: Assignment 

     Hey guys! Another assignment post for you here today from Teen Vogue and Parsons. For this assignment we had to create a mockup bag from our previous ideas. I really like the idea of experimenting with colors so I used pink and green. I used this straw canvas material that was a little hard to see but I made it work by lining the inside. As the bag is mostly green, I added a medium sized pink pocket in the middle to bring in dimension and also act as a confident place to store things. Since one of the sides is green, I made the other side pink to give the bag more of a creative edge. I folded the handles in half to create a sturdy handle and sewed up on the corners of the bag to create s more rounded shape. The bag definitely needs some work but I thought this was a good first attempt! 

Thanks guys for rewarding! I hope you enjoy reading my short assignment posts to keep up with my course. Only a couple more assignments to go and then I’m done! 

~Olivia Marie💚💗

DIY Tassel Necklaces

     Hey guys! So as many of you know, I love to do anything DIY and crafts. Last spring I started to make these DIY tassel necklaces and I got so many compliments on them that even the people in Neiman Marcus and Saks asked my sister and I where we bought them from! So while I had so much time over the summer I made so many necklaces with multiple trips to Michaels and Hobby Lobby. If you would like a tutorial let me know! But for now I have some super cute pics of the necklaces. 

~Olivia Marie💕💙

DIY tassel bracelets 

     Hey guys! I love crafting and for the longest time I have seen these tassel bracelets all over Pinterest. I have bought so many tassel bags, blouses, bracelets, and necklaces, but I thought it was time to try and make them. Most of the DIY’s that I do take a couple runs to complete without making a mistake, but these were so easy that I got the hang of them right away. Here are the following steps: 

Here’s what you need: 


  1. Cut your chord to however long you want the bracelet but leave some room for error. Next, take your clasp and double knot it to one end of the bracelet.   
  2. Start beading in which ever order you would like:)  
  3. Once you have finished beading, tie a knot at the other end of the bracelet and attached your jump ring. (The jump ring should be in between to secure knots)  
  4. Next is making the tassel! Wrap the string around your fingers until it is big enough for your liking. Remove from your fingers and attach a jump ring to one end of soon-to-be tassel.   
  5. Take the leftover string and tie it around the chunk of string to create the tassel.   
  6. Cut the loops at the bottom of the tassel and trim as needed.   
  7. Attach another jump ring into the first jump ring on the tassel. This last jump ring will secure the tassel in the middle of your bracelet. After that you are done!!! So easy, so fun, and they look oh so fantastic!  Thanks for reading!~Olivia Marie 💗💛