Travel Guide: Croatia

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I just finished a week of college visits and then my first week of school. Before school started, my family and I left Michigan and went on an unforgettable trip to Croatia. I had never heard of anyone vacationing in Croatia before, but it is definitely a place I would visit again and recommend for friends. It had amazing towns, good shopping, great weather, gorgeous beaches, amazing seafood, and some of the nicest people you will ever meet. The way I described it to my friends would be that it feels like Italy, has beaches like Greece, and then has a culture that feels very Mediterranean and Slavic. So, with out further ado, please enjoy my travel tips and photo collage down below. I was making sure that I took pictures throughout the whole trip so hopefully I did this beautiful place justice.


  • Places to Visit: 3 must go places would be Dubrovnik, Hvar, and Split.
  • Old Town Dubrovnik: The old town in Dubrovnik gets really hot during the day so it’s smarter to go closer to the evening. It is without a doubt one of the coolest places I’ve been, you literally feel like you’re being transported back in time. If you have a chance, their is one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe, in the old town of Dubrovnik.
  • Hvar: Hvar is an island off the coast of Croatia but is one of the most popular places to visit. You can even go into shops that Beyonce has shopped at, which for me was very exciting.
  • Coral and Pearls: Coral is sold everywhere in Croatia but can easily be very overpriced. If you see it for cheap, get it! You most likely won’t see very many sellers selling them for cheap. Also, from what the jewelers told us, most of the pearls and coral sold on the street is real. Which is crazy because that would be so expensive in America. I could just be very gullible, but the quality of the material was amazing as well! Pink coral is also more expensive than red or orange because it is harder to dive for, so if you see it being sold for a good price, it would make a great gift!
  • Weather: I strongly suggest staying in a hotel or apartment close to a beach or that has a pool. It was so hot just sitting outside under an umbrella that going in for a dip was both fun and necessary.
  • Beaches: The water in Croatia is some of the prettiest blue and clear water I have ever seen. Most hotels will have a private beach but you could also go to a public beach as well. Also, keep an eye out for giant floats in the water that kind of look like an episode of Wipe Out. We went on these twice and paid for 30 minutes of float time. It was so much fun to go down these giant slides and was definitely worth it and memorable.
  • Food: Most of the food will be similar to Italian such as, pizza and pasta. But majority of the food was seafood because of Croatia’a location next to the Mediterranean. Depending on the restaurant, the seafood was amazing! I would suggest trying the oysters, clams, calamari, and risotto.


I hope you guys enjoyed that, even if you aren’t traveling to Croatia any time soon. I also hope that you all have a wonderful summer and a great back to school!

~Olivia Marie

Travel Guide: New Orleans🐊

Hey guys! About two weeks ago I went with my school on a service trip to New Orleans, through Rustic Pathways. Both the school and Rustic Pathways did a great job planning and organizing the trip, we all had the best time. We went over our February break (ski week), with the purpose of rebuilding homes that were damaged in Hurricane Katrina. We met the most amazing people who were warm, welcoming, and most of all felt blessed, even after everything they had been through. We spent 40 hours rebuilding two homes and it was great to actually be able to see improvement. With all the work came super fun nights that were spent with the best team we could have asked for. The fact that 8 girls went on the trip was a total coincidence but all of us had so much fun shopping and singing whenever we could. I could go on and on about the amazing service we did for the people there but it would take an entire blog post just to fill that up so I will get straight to the tips!


  • Go when it is warm! It is definitely humid so spring is the perfect time to go. Having good weather makes all the difference.
  • Jazz! Jazz is a huge part of New Orleans culture and their are lots of jazz clubs all over the city.
  • The French Quarter: We spent all day here and didn’t get bored once. The architecture is amazing and so is the food. Not to mention the incredible shopping and Hurricane Katrina museum.
  • Food: New Orleans has great food and the French Quarter is the best place to find the traditional southern restaurants. Make sure to try jumbalaya, gumbo, pralines, po-boys, beignets, red beans and rice, and fried seafood!
  • Mardi Gras: If you can, try to go during Mardi Gras. We were lucky enough to be there and experience the festivities while we were there. We must have gone to at least 3 different parades. The best part of the parades is being able to catch the free beads they throw your way so put your hands up and eyes open!
  • Cafe Du Monde: This was definitely something that our entire group was looking forward to. Mostly because of the delicious beignets and partially because we saw it on The Bachelor, haha. But if you walk down the street from the cafe they have a super cute gift shop where I spent most of my money.
  • Airboat Rides; This was probably one of the most fun things we did on the trip. Its best to go at sunset because of the great view but make sure you wear a jacket for when it gets dark! Plus if you go at night, the alligators eyes light up and they are super easy to spot.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post on NOLA! I love making these travel guides for you!

~Olivia Marie💜💚💛

Travel Guide🇬🇷: My Big Fat Greek Vacation

Hey guys! My family and I just got back from our week long vacation in Greece where we spent two days in Athens, and then the rest of the week in Santorini. Throughout the week I wrote down travelling tips that I would give to my friends looking to go to Greece, in order to make their trip easier. So, here are some of my best tips…. 

  • Athens doesn’t have very many museums and monuments so spending only a couple days there to see the city and Acropolis is perfect. 
  • There are some nice areas of Athens, so when looking for a place to eat the best thing to do is ask the concierge. 
  • If you are thinking about going to one of the islands, Santorini is the best place to go if you are travelling with younger kids. Mykonos is known for its party atmosphere so it’s not the best for little kids. 
  • If you are looking for those picture perfect spots in Santorini, Oia and Fira are the best! 
  • Definitely go to a black sand beach because it’s so gorgeous, but be sure to bring rubber flip flops so you don’t burn the bottom of your feet. 
  • Lastly, many tourists who decide to go to the islands have the choice of taking a ferry boat or flying. The boat is the way to go because the view of the island from the water is priceless. If you choose the boat, definitely try to get tickets for the fast boat which is 4 hours opposed to the 6 hour boat ride. 

I hope these tips were all super helpful!!!!

I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your summer! ¡Opa! 

~Olivia Marie💙🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

Up North: Summer Style

During the summer my family and I will spend about a month at our lake house in northern Michigan. It’s a month filled with berry picking, beach time, kayaking, movies, swimming, sailing, carnivals, friends, smores, ice cream, and even more good food! To change it up, I decided to take pictures of my favorite houses in the area we stay in, to give you guys a feel for what cottage country is really like. These houses were just way too cute to not share them, so I hope you all enjoy them! 

~Olivia Marie☀️🍒💦

Travel tips that will make TRAVELLING easier! 

Hey everyone! Summer time means travel time and with all of the travelling I will be doing, I thought it was a perfect time to share my helpful tips. 

P.S you have probably heard some of these tips before but they are so good they needed to be said again. 

  1. Roll your clothes! This is an easy one and you hear it a lot because it actually works. Once you start you will never fold them again. 
  2. Put extra purses underneath your clothes. If you put those in first, it will be easier than putting them on top last. 
  3. Try to put pajamas and toiletries on the top so they are easily accessible if you have to spend the night at a hotel. 
  4. Bring a neck pillow. For me this is a definite must if I even want to get some sleep on the plane.

In my carry on you will see the following: 

  • Oil wipes so my face doesn’t get oily 
  • A headphone connector just in case friends or family members want to watch a show with you. 
  • An orange iPad and computer cleaner 
  • Aquaphor as Chapstick 
  • A nail kit because I absolutely hate hang nails 
  • Headphones for my computer 
  • My wallet because I would prefer to have that with me and not in my checked luggage 
  • Hand sanitizer because airplanes are super gross 
  • Hand cream because my skin gets dry on airplanes 
  • Technology wipes to keep my phone from getting oily 
  • A sports headband just in case my hair is messy when I get off the plane 
  • Makeup remover wipes to take it off on overnight flights
  • And even though they aren’t in the picture I like to bring my phone, computer, iPad, a good book, and socks just in case my feet get cold. 

Travel Guide: TAHOE

It’s summer time and that means vacations and weekend getaways! The past weekend I went with my close friend and her family to their house in Tahoe, so lodging wasn’t a problem. If you are looking for a place to stay, renting a house close to the lake is probably the easiest. Their are both public and private beaches near Donner Lake, which is a little bit smaller than Lake Tahoe. The best eating places that are very accessible are in Truckee and Tahoe City. For activities, the best thing to do is to try and find a beach with paddle boards and kayaks for rent because not only are they super fun, but it’s a great photo opportunity and a great way to see the lake! Another fun thing to do is to rent a boat for a few hours which allows you to go wake boarding, water skiing, and tubbing. Overall Tahoe is a great vacation spot especially in the summer. It has great views, fun lake activities, and amazing places to eat. Last tip: if you go to the Bar of America in Truckee, you can roast snores directly on your dinner table. How fun is that?! 

~Olivia Marie🚣☀️

Travel Guide: LA🌴

Hey guys! For spring break my family and I visited relatives in LA after we left Palm Springs. I have been to LA many times in my life because both of my parents grew up there (more than 50 times) so I have some great tips for navigating LA for any upcoming spring breakers or summer trips. 


1. Dress the part- if you are going down Rodeo or the Beverly Hills hotel you want to look like you belong and you’re not a tacky tourist. 

2. Take at least two days to go to the beach- there are many beautiful beaches that are worth going to such as Laguna and Newport. 

3. Do NOT go to surf at Luna Bay if your are looking for somewhere to surf. The bay boys (local surfers) only let in people that are native to the Palos Verdes and if you aren’t then there will be repercussions. 

4. The Beverly Hills Hotel has a super good cafe downstairs that has food to die for! 

5. Pasadena (home of the Rose Bowl) has great shopping, great food, and jaw dropping houses. This is the neighborhood many movies and tv shows  use. 

6. Don’t be fooled by the weather! During the winter it can get cold. Even in the summer during the night it gets cold so bring a jacket! 

7. Do a your bus for easy and fast sights of Hollywood so you can spend more time on the genuine part of LA.