Leather Weather: Where to get this season’s most popular jacket style!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! One thing I love about Thanksgiving is that as soon as its over, my family starts decorating our house and tree for Christmas, which reminds me that there is colder weather ahead! One of the trickiest things about living in the Bay Area (San Francisco) is that we have cold weather but nothing compared to freezing temperatures and snow. This means that you have to find an awkward medium of dressing warm but not going crazy with the ski jackets and snow boots. So, for anyone who deals with cold weather this winter, a sturdy jacket is a necessity! Leather jackets have always been popular but have always had an association with riding a motorcycle or being tough. However, anyone who’s worn a leather jacket knows that nothing can make you feel as confident as rocking a stylish leather jacket. Now, so many stores are coming out with cute but trendy leather jackets that are changing the dynamic of this old time style. While these jackets may make you feel like a T-Bird from Grease, they will make you look as flawless and confident as a Pink Lady. Some great stores to check out if you LOVE this style is Topshop, Forever 21, Anthropologie, Zara, and Lulus.


Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

~Olivia Marie

Summer Prep: Outfits for Special Occassions 

This is the season for birthday parties, outdoor barbaques, and weddings so you want to make sure that you can easily mix and match all of your outfit choices. Recently, I went to a birthday party and was stumbling at the last minute to find something to wear. Not only did I order it way to late, but I didn’t even receive my package in time for the party with premium shipping. I was quickly trying to put together an outfit I liked and while going through the this process I realized a few tips that would be helpful to share with all of you! 


  • Have at least one fancy blouse Ina neautral color for easy mixing. 
  • Bright and colorful skirts make any outfit more fun and are easy to dress up or down for casual occasions. 
  • Have two favorite clutches. I say that the best is to always have a neautral clutch and a fun clutch to bring more excitement or class to an outfit. 
  • Shoes! Fun shoes are definitely one of my favorite things ever, but when it comes to limiting your spending and trying to be reasonable, having neautral wedges is a definite lifesaver for the spring and summer! 
  • Accessories: this can make or break an outfit so you want to make sure that you are going with the overall gone of the outfit when deciding your jewlery pieces. If you are already wearing a ton of color, simple gold or silver pieces would complete the look. If you aren’t wearing to much color, go for a bold necklace! 
  • Hairstyles: your hair can also tramsform your outfit. High neckline- hair up. Low neckline- hair down. And if it is off the shoulder you can really go with anything but I  to curl my hair, bring it to a low side pony and throw on a matching bow. 

Here’s a few pictures from my last minute outfit that I hope will inspire you! My friend dressed up a gorgeous romper with a colorful necklace paired with blue hoops and shoes. My sister went for a simple little black dress and instead of going for a bold necklace she added a sparkly belt. Lastly, I took an off the shoulder top worn by Olivia Palermo, paired it with navy and white espadrilles, a J.Crew navy skirt, a navy bow, gold accessories, and a colorful coral clutch from DSW. 

~Olivia Marie

SPRING! Get out of the “I have nothing to wear” funk

Who’s ready for spring? California has been really weird lately with rain on some days and it being sunny on others. But even with the sun always comes a little bit of wind so it can be hard finding an outfit that will keep you from shivering but still look cute in the sun. Here’s some outfit ideas that will help you balance winter and summer.

~Olivia Marie 

Travel Guide: Ski, Snow, and STYLE

     Hey guys! This past week I was on vacation with my family at Deer Valley Ski Resort in Park City, Utah. Now before we begin lets just start by remembering that I live in San Francisco CALIFORNIA, so this change in weather was a serious shift. Packing for this trip was so chaotic because I could finally break out those old “perfect snow day outfits” off of Pinterest. Looking back, here are a few tip I found most helpful for dressing to colder temperatures, aka SNOW! (This California girl could not handle the cold😂) 


1. Bring hats and mittens. This is kind of a no brainer but some people (like my sister) sometimes forget. 

2. Hunter boots are super helpful in the snow and make great accessories with all of the sock options that you can buy off of the Hunter website! 

3. If you must wear ugg boots, at least match the color of your boots to your outfit

4. Sunglasses are helpful during the day if the sun is reflecting off of the bright snow😎

5. Leave your riding boots at HOME! (The leather may get ruined in the snow) 

6. Bring at least two big jackets. I like to bring obviously my ski jacket, an extra down jacket, and a Jcrew peacoat. 

*EXTRA TIP: a lot of the times the restaurants near these ski resorts will be completely booked so make reservations ahead of time! 


Picture struggles ^  


 ~Olivia Marie