Valentine’s Day Lookbook 2018

Hey guys! I hope your New Year has been off to a great start! With Valentine’s Day approaching fast, I wanted to give you guys a quick lookbook to help inspire your outfit ideas! Valentine’s Day is all about the red and the pinks but sometimes that gets a little repetitive and you want to change it up! In addition to a lookbook, I’ve also created a list of possible outfit ideas just in case you guys would like a new and unique look for Valentine’s Day this year!

Outfit Ideas:

  • Accenting with red: Take on the trend of an all-white outfit, but make it pop with some red or pink accents. Red boots have been big right now so they would be the perfect addition to this outfit!
  • Red blazer: I’ve always loved blazers because you feel so powerful when you’re wearing them. Pair this with a little white dress and you’ve got a totally unique outfit!
  • LSD: Little Silver Dress–> everyone thinks of pink and red for Valentine’s Day, myself included, but silver is just as festive and not as popular. This would look great with some nude heels and classic pearl earrings. Usually, people don’t think of pearls as an accessory for a night out, but I love them because the white pearls against any skin tone instantly¬†make you look more awake and youthful!
  • Fun Floral: If you guys are like me and love anything floral, embroidered, or has a touch of a boho feel, then I highly suggest a dress like that but with added ruffles. Ruffles on the sleeves and shoulders are such a big trend right now and will look great¬†with anything floral or polka dot. If you really wanted to go all out with this outfit, you could pair it with some strappy heels or tie your hair up in a curly high ponytail with a scarf tied to it and you’ve got a super cute look for the night!



I hope you guys enjoyed this post and it helped inspire you to some outfit ideas! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

~Olivia Marie