Leather Weather: Where to get this season’s most popular jacket style!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! One thing I love about Thanksgiving is that as soon as its over, my family starts decorating our house and tree for Christmas, which reminds me that there is colder weather ahead! One of the trickiest things about living in the Bay Area (San Francisco) is that we have cold weather but nothing compared to freezing temperatures and snow. This means that you have to find an awkward medium of dressing warm but not going crazy with the ski jackets and snow boots. So, for anyone who deals with cold weather this winter, a sturdy jacket is a necessity! Leather jackets have always been popular but have always had an association with riding a motorcycle or being tough. However, anyone who’s worn a leather jacket knows that nothing can make you feel as confident as rocking a stylish leather jacket. Now, so many stores are coming out with cute but trendy leather jackets that are changing the dynamic of this old time style. While these jackets may make you feel like a T-Bird from Grease, they will make you look as flawless and confident as a Pink Lady. Some great stores to check out if you LOVE this style is Topshop, Forever 21, Anthropologie, Zara, and Lulus.


Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

~Olivia Marie

Fall’17 Biggest Trend!: Embroidered Ankle Boots

Every year comes with new trends, and this year sure has a host of them. When I was younger, I used to wonder what would be iconic outfits to our decade, just as there are staples to the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and many others. Even though I’m not sure if this trend will be making the history books, it definitely blown up this fall as most stores carry these types of boots. They are so fun because they can make any outfit colorful and are nothing like the boots most of us are used to wearing. So, after seeing these boots pop up all over social media and Pinterest, I knew I had to check them out. After doing some research, I learned that almost every store I went to carried boots that were similar to each other. Whether they were knock offs or high-end brands, I personally thought that you couldn’t even tell the difference, which is another great thing about these shoes! I was able to round-up some of my favorites with the help of Shop Style Collective, and have provided all of the links down below. Make sure you check them out if you are interested, all of them are great shoes and come in a variety of price ranges so anyone can steal this look! These embroidered calf boots are sure to turn heads! I made a picture collage down below for some inspiration, along with a list of stores on where to buy these and the exact links to these boots in the Shop Style Collective widget at the bottom!


  • Lulus
  • Forever 21
  • DSW
  • Bloomingdales
  • ASOS
  • Free People
  • Nordstroms

I hope you guys enjoyed that!
~Olivia Marie

Unique Hairstyles to Spice up Fall

Fall is in full swing almost everywhere, with the exception of California. With a few cold days here and there, California weather is still set to summer. Regardless, we are still shopping for fall essentials and prepping for winter, while enjoying our last couple of sunny days. With clothes the main focus of wardrobe and style necessities for fall, I realized that rarely do people ever talk about the change in hairstyles based on the season. We all change up our hair depending on the weather and season, so today I have brought you some great new looks to spice up your fall wardrobe. These are perfect for just everyday or even Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is usually classified into the “holiday season,” which I love, but I find that there is a big difference in Thanksgiving and Christmas style. So for the next couple of posts, I will be focusing on and highlighting the unique style that shines through during the season of giving thanks. Not to mention we have to squeeze in our last couple of weeks of fall colors before shifting over to darker hues. Scroll down for inspiration picks and hairstyle tips!

Fall Hair Trends and Tips:

  • Bandanas!: Bandanas were everywhere over the summer, but just because its fall, doesn’t mean you have to put them away! I loved wearing bandanas to hold my hair back in the summer heat, but by buying bandanas and scarfs with warmer tones and fall patterns, they can be easily wrapped around a bun, ponytail, or used as a headband through fall.
  • Braids: Braids are nothing new and I’m not one to do really complicated looking braids on a daily basis or even when I’m not attending a nice event. I like simple and effortless hairstyles that have a little something unique to them. So when I saw the photos of just simple differences in the way people pulled their hair back into a braid, I knew I had to try it. Another tip is to get inspired from the 70’s and do two small braids on each side.
  • Flips: I always have loved flipping my hair into a quick little bun, but I never realized that simply parting my hair in the middle and smoothing the sides down, I could transform the hairstyle into something that looked more formal.


I hope you guys enjoyed that post and that it inspired you to get creative with your hair for fall!

~Olivia Marie

How To Stack Jewelry

Hey guys! I’ve been noticing a lot of jewelry pictures on Pinterest lately, and thought it was a perfect opportunity to do another post dedicated to jewelry. A lot of times my friends will tell me that my set of bracelets look really good together. It got me thinking what the best tips and strategies helped in deciding how jewelry should be stacked and layered so that it didn’t look clustered and knotted, and so that it still showcases each individual piece.


  • Mix silver and gold. The silver next to the gold create a nice contrast that brightens each bracelet or necklace.
  • Specifically for necklaces, I think the best piece of advice would be to stack statement pieces with larger necklaces, and smaller necklaces with small necklaces. Stacking a small necklace with a large necklace will only make the small get tangled and lost.
  • Throw in a watch. It’s not only practical but also mixes up the tones of the bracelet stack.
  • Create different sizes. Unless they are bangles, stacking the same bracelet in different colors doesn’t really create shape difference or compliment each other nicely.

I know this post was on the shorter version but I hope it was helpful and fun to read!!

~Olivia Marie

Your Mockup: Assignment 

     Hey guys! Another assignment post for you here today from Teen Vogue and Parsons. For this assignment we had to create a mockup bag from our previous ideas. I really like the idea of experimenting with colors so I used pink and green. I used this straw canvas material that was a little hard to see but I made it work by lining the inside. As the bag is mostly green, I added a medium sized pink pocket in the middle to bring in dimension and also act as a confident place to store things. Since one of the sides is green, I made the other side pink to give the bag more of a creative edge. I folded the handles in half to create a sturdy handle and sewed up on the corners of the bag to create s more rounded shape. The bag definitely needs some work but I thought this was a good first attempt! 

Thanks guys for rewarding! I hope you enjoy reading my short assignment posts to keep up with my course. Only a couple more assignments to go and then I’m done! 

~Olivia Marieđź’šđź’—

Closet Organization: EASY Tips & Tricks 

Hey guys! Today I have a few ideas to help keep your closet clean and practical. I know that I am definitely guilty of wanting one of those perfectly organized closets on Pinterest where the shoes are color coordinated and the purses are all lined up, but that’s just not realistic. For me it is especially unrealistic because my closet is small to begin with plus I have to share it with my twin sister, making it even smaller. Luckily, we use part of my brother’s closet for overflow since he is able to keep most of his things in a dresser. Despite our limited closet space and excessive shopping habits, I’ve always been someone who loves to organize, so my sister and I found a way to make it work. Just remember that when it comes to spaces that guests won’t see, it doesn’t need to be pretty, just practical. Here’s I how I organize my closet: 

Shoes: Over the door shoe organizers work super well and create space for shoes that wasn’t original to the closet. You can find these almost anywhere! (Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, The Container Store, etc.) 

Tops: Of course you can organize them by color, type, store, and I’ve tried them all. For me the easiest thing to do is to just keep all of our tops at eye level since the top is usually what you pick first in an outfit. 

Sweaters: Heavier outerwear usually goes in a different closet, so we are able to keep normal sweaters stay in sight. We also try to use gentle hangers for cashmere sweaters to keep them from stretching. 

Skirts: Since my sister and I don’t have very many skirts, they don’t take up that much space. But those skirt hangers can be a nightmare and continue to get tangled time and time again. One hanger we bought from The Container Store has really worked well for us and is able to stack four skirts vertically, without taking up a ton of space horizontally. 

Scarfs: We have an abundance of scarfs, so when my grandpa gave us these scarf hangers for Christmas, I didn’t really realize how helpful they actually could be. Not only did it remove a big bulky bin of scarfs, but the hanger made it easier to put scarves away and display all of our scarves when we are trying to pick an outfit. It was so great that we went to The Container Store and bought two more! 

Fancy Shoes: We didn’t want our heels to go in the shoe holder at the risk of them getting damaged, so we displayed them on the top shelf, on top of colorful shoe boxes. The shoe boxes not only elivate your heels so that you can see them, but they also store extra heels inside of them and add color! 

Command Strips: To add even extra space, we bought Command Strips from Target to hang bags and hats we didn’t want to go into bins. This could also be used for bows and belts, as we did with all of our bows from when we were younger. 

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing how I organize my limited space closet while having to share. Not going to lie, if I had my own closet it would probably look a little more organized since I would have more space but for now this works just fine! Until next time! 

~Olivia Marieđź’›

Your Audience: Assignment 

     Hey guys! For another assignment for the Teen Vogue and Parsons program, I flight I would write a little bit about my audience and my personal style. As many of you probably know I am only 17, but that doesn’t mean that my blog is targeted towards only teenagers. I like to think that I have a mature eye for style so my blog is targeted towards any age and any one who loves fashion as much as I do. My style is on the more colorful and preppy side, but I like to experiment with all sorts of styles and color schemes. I also target anyone that loves aspects of interior design and DIY crafts that can embellish anyone’s personal style. Lastly, I like to help out any fellow travelers with my various Travel Guides and helpful tips and tricks. I hope you guys found this informative and interesting! 

~Olivia Marie đź’š